Hi All!

{me taking a selfie in the middle of highway 4}

I went to the mountains to celebrate the nation's birthday (Fourth of July). I went to my Uncle's Cabin in Arnold, CA. It was one of the best time spent with my family. I was away from the husband for a whole week and at times it was hard, because I had to cater to my children without his help. He is generally the cook of the household, so I had to take the reins for the week we were away.

There is no cell reception up there in Arnold. So if you didn't have WiFi, you would be stranding with your thoughts and/or the company that you came up with.  We used the land-line quite often. My Uncle's cabin is like blast from the past, 70's-80's decor and all. (I'm not going to post any pictures of the inside for their privacy.) It was refreshing to be outside of the hectic city and spend some much needed R&R here.

{Fun Homemade Pizza using Biscuit Crust}

Well I took advantage of my moms specialty, to create quick and fun recipes...so it wasn't all that bad.  My mom loved every minute of it. Like all awesome grandmas out there, Yaya (my mom) spoiled us. Yaya spoiled us with gifts and most importantly LOVE. My mom is one of the rarest beauties that anyone could ever know or meet. I have stated this before, and I will say this again. I didn't have the best relationship with my mom growing up. We don't see eye to eye on some things, but I love how our relationship has blossomed and bloomed ever since I have became a mom, myself.

{mom and her favorite daughter}

On 4th of July, Arnold had a parade in the middle of the Highway 4. The highway was closed off for 2 hours. I got to walk in the middle of it.

Fourth of July week consisted with 4 things:  family, food, fun and face painting.

{the day we created a face painting diva}

{me sporting  my favorite wolf top, being in the mountains, i thought it was appropriate}

{BBQ at my Aunt's House after parade and street faire}
If you want to get out of a funk and get away from the technological crave life, go rent a cabin in the mountains. Live life before the cell phone blew up. It will definitely make you realize how blessed we are with the things we have and enjoy the littlest things in life.

We did so much while in Arnold. We also visited nearby towns, like Murphys and Columbia.  Ill post more later in other posts about it, I took tons of pictures! Stay Tuned for more Posts on what I did in the month of July!

Hope you had a great month of July! Post ya laters!


Nicole Marie said...

I need a getaway like that for sure! What a great way to recharge! So awesome that you and the girls got to spend time with your family!!

Nicole Marie said...

P.S. I want those sunglasses!!

Frikken Duckie said...

Looks like you had a blast! It's nice to get away from technology and actually live life off the screen!

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