YT VIDEO #4 My Go To Makeup

HellO HellO!!

So I filmed this video in July...right after I came back from my fourth of July week in the Stanislaus National Forest. I had long hair then but for those who follow me on instagram, ya know I cut off some inches. Happy Face. Sad FAce. Bittersweet.

Its taken me forever to edit and post this video but it is up now. This is my EVERYDAY whenever I want to look more put together and had more than 10 minutes to get ready, look. Wow, that was a mouth full. This is probably the makeup that I have on, whenever I post a selfie. Hope you like it, and if you didn't...maybe next video?

I have been trying to get rid of all the makeup that I have. In the last 2 years, my main want and goals was to have a white vanity table with a huge makeup collection, all because of watching YouTube beauty gurus. MY Makeup collection did not get too ridiculous but it got pretty big for someone who does not wear makeup everyday. Goals somewhat have met because it looked glamorous. But the truth is, its a nightmare! At least to me. All that makeup gets unused and started to collect dust. There's always gonna be "THE next best thing".

Don't get me wrong, I still love makeup, but I dont want a butt load of it. It truly clutters drawers no matter how much you organize it. There are some days and weeks that its just sits on top of the vanity table. And those plastic Ikea drawer organizers just get stained by eyeliners and lipsticks. And don't forget those little paws (the LEESTERS) that gets into your makeup when you are not around looking. So Month of July, I cleaned out my vanity drawers. I threw out the makeup I knew that it was older than 2 years old. I also asked myself, Is worth the drawer space? Well I use it in within the next 2 months? If it was a no, in the trash it goes.  I save the ones that I dont use but I think people with hooded/mono-lid eyes should not get. But that's another video in the future.

 I gave myself a reality check and started a collection of sunglasses instead lol.

More post laters!


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Frikken Duckie said...

I did a makeup overhaul recently too and got rid of soooo much. Now I'm more cautious about the products I buy and only splurge if I know I'm really going to get enough use out of it! Gorgeous as always twin!!

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