As you can see below, I have tried all the hair color you can think of. I am writing this post because I posted a selfie of myself with the new Miu Miu Glasses I got from Lenscrafters this years annual eye check up. One of my friends always says Someone always seem to let me know that, the picture I post up..."It doesn't look like you". Im not writing to post this to bash the commenter, no, thats not it.  It just gave me an idea or topic to write about today.

 First off, every selfie, profile picture or any image of me that I post myself, is me. If it doesn't look like me, well I'll take it as a compliment on how well I did my hair and make up that day.  Trust me, depends on how long it took to do my makeup that day, my appears will vary.  It also depends on what brand of makeup and how much I cake on too.

  I also like to change up my look every 6months to 2 years. So dont get used to the way I look. My last response to a comment about not looking like myself...I told them that I'm a chameleon. I change up my look depend on how I feel and to be honest, to surprise my husband with a new look so hes not tired of me. lol. Seriously. I told him once that, I do it because I want you to feel like you are dating other people. So within 14 years of being with me, he has dated a blonde, brunette and a redhead. He has also dated someone with short hair, permed hair, long hair and someone who has bangs/fringe. Majority of the time, all the hair styles are done by me, to save money. Being a  woman is not cheap. And the last main reason is because it is fun!

  Anyways. Hope you had a great weekend!


Life's a shoe said...

nice post! you look great in all of your hair colors!


Jannie said...

Enjoyed the hair post, girl. Whatever hairstyle and color you have, you always rock it. Always looking gorgeous. :)

I see you went back to dark too. Same here. Blonde was getting a bit hard to manage, but I may go back once I feel like being blonde again.

So glad you're blogging again. Been missing your posts, girl. Good to see you here on Blogger. Take care. <3

Sandy a la Mode said...

oh wow!! its fun to change up a look once in awhile!! :)

Sandy a la Mode

Nicole Marie said...

I love your many looks!!!:-)

Lucy and Mary said...

Great post! Love all the colors :) you look beautiful!

Welcome to my blog
www.blotterlife.com :))

Frikken Duckie said...

Yes, you are a chameleon! I don't even know how many times your look has changed since I've known you, but you're still gorgeous no matter what! And as long as you're still the same person on the inside, that's all that really matters.

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