Hey There Hey!

Are you surprised that I'm lagging once again? I'm not. TeeHee. I have been out for Summer Break and loving every minute of it. No, I am not a teacher...a sensei for my two children, yes. Watching other peoples kids...no spank you. I wanted to start my YouTube Channel with a bang, but as life goes...things went expectantly unexpected.

I got myself a little treat from Kate Spade. I was excited to review and show you how great it is, especially for people with sensitive ears like Moi.  I really thought I got this one in the bag, but with fumbling  words as usual for me and time was not on my side. (You try to plan these things out but yeah, I digress. I got issues. ) This video is a mash-up with all emotions. Really. There's probably more coming your way, because this is me and this blog is my outlet and I do as I please. Nasty grammar errors included.

But as I am growing up and not really giving a care what people think of me. Please enjoy this video and get to know me a little better. Sorry for the Chipmunk Voice...but not bad for a newbie. :).

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